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Reggae Spice Caribbean

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If you’re looking for good halal food in London, you are in for a treat at Reggae Spice. One of the best Caribbean restaurants in London, we offer authentic Jamaican food which is synonymous with Caribbean cuisine. We tickle your palate with all flavours – savoury, spicy, sweet, and a variety of brews to wash it all down with.

Caribbean takeaway

We use only the finest quality ingredients, authentic spices, and cooking apparatus to prepare the food.

Our food is not only delicious, but also pleasing to the eye. As you walk into the restaurant, the authentic aromas that greet you will pull you in; and the deep flavours and gorgeous colours are guaranteed to seduce you.

Caribbean food is not just flavourful, but also filling. Our meals will satisfy your tummy and taste buds both equally satisfied. Reggae Spice is all about value for money and great food.

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What We Offer

Reggae Spice Caribbean
Caribbean Restaurant

Our Caribbean restaurant tables quality island recipes prepared in conjunction with halal rules.

Reggae Spice Caribbean
Caribbean Takeaways

If you are occupied and have little time to dine with us, we give the option of enjoying quality Caribbean takeaways.

Reggae Spice Caribbean

We do internal and outside catering services at competitive rates. Our chefs are used to the preparation of a variety …