How To Make Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken

How To make Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken

Do you want to learn how to make Jamaican brown stew chicken?

If yes, you are at the right place as Reggae Spice’s blogger, Angie, will be sharing her easy recipe on how to make stew chicken.

But first, why  are we sharing our stew chicken recipe?

Time and time again we have been asked how to make Jamaican brown stew chicken. While we contemplated whether or not to give away some of our recipes absolutely free, we recognise the value this information will bring to our most loyal customers and fans. Hence, rather than worry about sharing our great tips on preparing authentic Jamaican brown stew chicken, we feel privileged that you have decided to join us here to learn about one of the most tasty stew meat recipes!

Let’s hand over to Angie now.

Hi everyone, just to briefly introduce myself. My name is Angella Wright and I live in Jamaica with my teenage daughter and son. The recipes I will be sharing with you here on Reggae Spice are actually how I use them to make heavenly meals on a daily basis. I am sure the way I prepare or cook my meals may differ in some instances to how you may cook Jamaican meals in the UK. The difference will not be major as there will only be a matter of ingredients and the amount used to prepare these exotic dishes. I  am really excited with this opportunity to share some of our best known as well as the less popular dishes to readers, customers and fans of Reggae Spice Caribbean Takeaway in Burnt Oak, London.

Enough about me:) Let’s look at how to make Jamaican brown stew chicken.

Jamaican brown stew chicken is one of our most delicious dishes. This is to known natives, and visitors who visit the island. Without further ado, here are the ingredients as well as the method for preparing this extravagant dish.



Ingredients are used to preserve the chicken and give it a nice taste.


1 chicken (cut into small pieces 

2 stalk scallion and thyme

2 small onions (sliced)

2 small Irish potatoes

4 pegs garlic (sliced)

1 sweet pepper (sliced)

1 scotch bonnet pepper – go easy with the pepper! If you can take the heat then go for it and cut it. If you can’t I would suggest you either add a tiny piece or forget about adding any pepper. I could not eat it without my pepper, though. Just saying …

1 table spoon black pepper 

1 table spoon chicken season

1 small  carrot (sliced)

1/2 table spoon of salt - you may choose not to use any salt.

2  table spoon of browning

1 tea spoon of pimento seeds

1 sprig of thyme

2 table spoon  vinegar

Olive oil – I personally use  very little as we all know we have to protect our hearts from all the unnecessary fat plus if you really think about it chicken has natural fat.

1 cup of water – you may need to add more as you go along depending on whether you like to cook your meat well done:)

3 table spoon of ketchup


Instructions for cooking Jamaican brown stew chicken


You should strip, wash, slice and pour all the seasonings into a cooking bowl. Cut chicken into small pieces.

Remove chicken skin if you want to, but its best to remove the skin – again, your body does not need the excess fat.

Then mix the chicken pieces with all the seasonings and browning in the bowl. Put the chicken to marinate for half an hour, or  overnight on a refrigerator.

When ready to prepare your chicken, turn on your stove and put the flame to a high, put on a frying pot to heat for stewing. Then add a small amount of oil. Wait for a while until you see the heat coming out of the pot.

While you are waiting for that, start removing the seasonings from the chicken parts with a fork. Next you add the chicken parts into the hot oil all at once and keep stirring for about three minutes, then put on a close lid for another three minutes, after that, throw off all the oil and add the cup of water along with the seasoning, a pinch of salt (if needed) and a small piece of butter. Cover pot with lid and gauge your stove.

Leave the chicken to stew for fifteen to twenty minutes, then add the ketchup and leave chicken to simmer for three to five minutes then it is

complete. Brown stew chicken is served with rice & peas, white rice, or your hard food such as Dumpling, Banana, Yam and Dasheen.

Very enjoyable!

So, there you have it – how to make Jamaican brown stew chicken. I am certain there will be ingredients you will add or subtract. When you are preparing any meal, it’s of paramount importance that you think of your needs and health. Simply put, if there are ingredients that you personally don’t like just avoid using them. If there are ingredients that you feel I have missed off my list, add them to yours. Also, if you are not cooking a whole chicken, you may  wish to use a smaller amount of seasoning, and so forth. No matter what you decide, after reading this article with my recipe, there should be fewer, if any, questions about how to make Jamaican brown stew chicken.

Remember to bookmark us and keep checking back for more great Jamaican easy to cook recipes. I would also love to hear how you cook your brown stew chicken or any other Jamaican dishes, or dishes so make sure you share them here on Reggae Spice Blog.

Until next time, enjoy your Jamaican brown stew chicken:)





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