Caribbean Restaurant in London Now Offering Online Ordering Service
Caribbean Restaurant in London Now Offering Online Ordering Service London, UK ( December 13, 2014) - Popular Jamaican restaurant in London that is spicing up the taste buds of Londoners is now offering an online food ordering service. Reggae Spice UK is famous for its mouth-watering range of Caribbean food and beverages. The restaurant offers fast food delivery of mouth-watering meals such as Curry Goat Dish, Fried Plantains, Brown Stewed Fish and Fried Dumplings stuffed with Ackee and Saltfish. Apart from their delectable Jamaican restaurant menu, Reggae Spice UK offers exceptional service to its customers and is one of the reasons they boast such a high repeat clientele. One testimonial summed up the appeal of the restaurant. "One of my friends recommended Reggae Spice Restaurant, so we drove down one evening for dinner," said Stephanie. She added, "We can't say enough good things about our experience. The food was delicious, portions generous, and the price was outstanding... Read more
Best Caribbean Restaurant In London: Do You Know What To Look For?
 London, being a huge melting pot, is awash with numerous international cuisines. No doubt, Caribbean food has made an indelible mark on the gastronomic landscape and is a favorite among many, including immigrants, visitors and native Londoners. Whether it is the spice, variety or colourfulness of dishes, Caribbean cuisine is certainly en vogue, with no end in sight. When one considers the vast array of delights that are possible between the unique tastes and smells that emanate from the islands, your taste buds may get tingly just wondering where to start. Jamaican food is almost synonymous with the thought of Caribbean cuisine all over the world and these are usually the go-to eateries when one has a craving for a Caribbean treat in London. With its wide variety ranging from savory to sweet and spicy to just right, along with its trademark line of brews, Jamaican food is always in demand. Add Reggae music to the mix and you quickly understand why there are so many Jamaican restaura... Read more
Caribbean Takeaway: London’s Christmas Menu Gets Hotter!
Caribbean Takeaway Makes Your Festive Season Even More Merry! For people planning a get-together over the holidays, Reggae Spice has put together a tantalizing Christmas catering menu with fixed prices of £6.99 per person or £9.99 per person. The Christmas menu features such Caribbean favourites as jerk chicken, BBQ chicken, creole fish fillet and escoveitch fish, as well as curried mutton, jerk lamb and BBQ lamb. Rice dishes on the Christmas catering menu include gungo peas and rice, pumpkin rice and callaloo rice. Meanwhile, customers who would like to enjoy a tasty Caribbean twist on the traditional Christmas dinner can treat themselves to jerk chicken and roast potatoes. The dish comes with a free glass of Jamaican sorrell wine and, at just £4.99, it should spread a little extra Christmas cheer for Reggae Spice’s customers. Reggae Spice fans who would prefer to stick to their regular choices have no need to fear—all the usual menu favourites will still be available... Read more
Jamaican barbecue chicken
Barbiecue chicken
         Jamaican barbecue chicken Ingredients 1 2 lbs chicken breast 2 1 ½  cup water 3 1 ½  tbsp celery salt 4 3 tbsp brown sugar 5 2 tbsp vinegar 6 1 small onion ( diced) 7 1 ½ cup catsup sauce 8 1 ½ tbsp lemon juice 9 2 ½  tbsp margarine Method Gather a big bowl; put all ingredients in it except margarine and chicken Mix ingredients together Heat margarine into a frying pan Sauté chicken for 3-5 minutes Put chicken into shallow baking tin Pre heat the oven Cover and bake for 1 hour and 20 minutes Base it with sauce regular... Read more
Cooked Chicken Recipes – 3 of Jamaica’s Infamous Dishes
Cooked Chicken Recipes - 3 of  Jamaica's Infamous DishesHere are some interesting videos demonstrating Jamaica's Cooked Chicken Recipes. Enjoy!   1. Chicken Pineapple (5 min to prepare) - Jamaican Cooking Watch  below as Chef Ricardo shows you a funny interesting way of preparing curried chicken. It's not very often we include this dish in our favourite cooked chicken recipes by this is a must see - just look at the title.     2. Curry Oven Baked Chicken Recipe C elebrity Dancehall Queen, Audrey Reids, shows us how to cook third chicken  recipe that many people may never have heard of before today. 3. Oven Roasted Honey Mustard Chicken So there you have it - 3 Jamaican infamous cooked chicken recipes. When you compare the above chicken dishes to more well known ones such as... Read more
Jamaican Riddles
It's Riddle Time! Sweet Jamaica is known for many amazing fun things and one is our popular brain teaser Jamaican riddles. Below we have listed 10 Jamaican riddles.  Can you think of others? Let's see who can guess the most correct answers! By the way, how about throwing some spanner in the works and add some of your favourite  Jamaican riddles. We can attempt to guess the answers or you can give us the answers straight away - the choice is yours. Let's get cranking! Riddle mi dis riddle mi dat guess dis riddle or perhaps not. 1)  What goes up when the rain comes down? Riddle mi dis riddle mi dat guess dis riddle or perhaps not. 2) A cow and a donkey are coming round the corner in di opposite direction. They crashed. Which one is wrong? Riddle mi dis riddle mi dat guess dis riddle or perhaps not. 3)  Rope round donkey tan up? Riddle mi dis riddle mi dat guess dis riddle or perhaps not. 4) Mi have legs but mi cannot walk? Riddle mi dis riddle mi dat guess dis... Read more
Halal Food, Restaurants and Holiday Destinations!
Halal chicken-and-potatoes
What is Halal? Halal - you can see it when you come across meat shops, markets, food stalls, and the like. Have you ever wondered why this is such an important thing to take note of? Most likely, just like me, you did. In this article, we are going to examine the meaning of halal and how it's spreading like wildfire on a global level. The Basics of Halal The Islamic dietary laws (Halal) and the Jewish dietary laws (Kashrut; in English, Kosher) are both quite detailed, and contain both points of similarity and discord. Both are dietary laws of Abrahamic religions and Semitic cultures, but they are described in distinct religious texts: an explanation of the Islamic code of law found in the Quran and a Jewish code of laws found in the Torah. Halal is considered as an Islamic term encompassing not only the matters of food and drink, but all other issues of daily life. According to holy Quran, no one except God can change forbidden (Haraam) things into lawful (Halal) or vice versa. Und... Read more
How To Make Jamaican Salt Fish & Ackee And Festival Dumplings
Jamaican Salt
Do you want to learn how to make Jamaican Salt Fish & Ackee and Festival Dumplings? Watch the video below and make your Jamaican Salt Fish & Ackee and Festival Dumpling like a pro within mins of viewing. Grab a pen and paper so that you can note down salient points about the ingredients and method.     If you utilise a different method to make Jamaican Salt Fish & Ackee and Festival Dumpling please let us know, after all no menu is set in stone!... Read more
Jerk Chicken and Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Kabobs Review
Jamaican Scotch Bonnet (Capsicum chinense) The true Yellow/Orange Scotch Bonnet that has a hat like shape to it. The Scotch Bonnet pepper is well known for its added flavour to Jamaican Jerk Chicken and various other Jamaican recipes. Check this cool review!... Read more
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